Which tour operators are leading in 2018 in Antalya

Create: 12/07/2018 - 15:17
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Almost 90% of foreign tourists arrived this season in Antalya were sent by tour operators, sales of package tours increased by a third. Turkish analysts have calculated which tour operators sent the most number of foreign tourists to the Turkish resort.

According to Turizmdatabank, for 10 months of 2018 (that is, for all high season), 11.5 million foreign tourists visited Antalya, which is 32.2% more than in the same period of 2017.

As “Bulletin of ATOR” reported earlier, in January - October, the resort hosted 12.5 million foreign guests. Thus, 87% of tourists from all countries who came to Antalya were package ones. That once again underlines the status of this resort as a “mass holiday destination for tour operators”.

It should be noted, that these figures characterize the flow of foreign tourists from all foreign countries, and not only from Russia, although the Russians are on the first position in Antalya by the number of arrivals.

According to these data, “OTI Holding”, which includes Coral Travel, Sunmar tour operators, Odeon Tours and a number of other companies, is the leader in sending overseas travelers to Antalya this year. Over January-October of this year, OTI sent about 1.4 million tourists to Antalya, which is 35% more than a year ago. So the total market share of OTI in Antalya amounted 12.2%.

On the second position in Antalya with a market share of 10.9% is Anex Group, which also includes ANEX Tour operator: the number of its package tourists in Antalya increased by 33.5% up to 1.26 million people.

On the third position with a share of 10.2% (1.17 million people) are TUI Group (in Russia it includes TUI Russia tour operator) and Thomas Cook Group (Intourist tour operator is in its structure).

On the fourth position in Antalya this year in terms of volumes is Pegas Group (in Russia it includes PEGAS Touristik tour operator) with a market share of 8.4%: the number of its tourists over the year increased by 13.5% up to 970 thousand people.

As it is noted in the materials of Turizmdatabank, this year OTI and Anex Group, TUI Group and Thomas Cook Group have exceeded the mark of one million tourists sent to Antalya.

Pegas, MPI Turkey and Lock Global finished 10 months with a record indicator of nearly a million people.